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Teeth Whitening

The many benefits of teeth whitening justify why it’s such a popular cosmetic treatment, and most people whiten their teeth for aesthetic reasons. Whiter teeth not only make your smile brighter, but they can also make you look younger. If you have been shy about smiling wide or laughing because of yellowing or discolored teeth, then imagine the confidence you will have after a successful teeth whitening procedure by Aspen Dental Care in SW Calgary!

Teeth Whitening in SW Calgary

Dental hygienist using teeth whitening treatment on patient at Aspen Dental Care in Calgary. Teeth whitening is becoming one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments, and it might be the simplest and most effective technique to improve the appearance of your smile. It can significantly whiten your teeth by removing stains and discoloration from cigarettes, coffee, tea, or red wine. Also, as we age, our teeth become yellower. As a result, having your teeth whitened may be the ideal way to enhance your smile.

Teeth whitening treatments can help you attain a sparkling natural smile by reversing the aging process and discoloration. Treatment can lighten teeth by up to ten shades in a single consultation and is almost painless. There are several methods for whitening teeth that can be used at home or in less than one hour in Aspen Dental Care in SW Calgary by laser.

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Teeth Whitening Methods

01. Internal bleaching

Internal bleaching is used to lighten tooth discoloration following a root canal. This can be avoided by sealing off the bleaching chemical inside the tooth and refilling it every few weeks until the appropriate shade is obtained.

02. In-office bleaching

The whitening shade guides are used to measure tooth color. These shades determine the effectiveness of the whitening procedure, which may vary from two to seven shades. These shades may be reached after a single in office appointment, or may take longer, depending on the individual. The effects of bleaching can last for several months, but may vary depending on the life style of the patient. In-chair whitening is faster and more effective in comparison to the take home bleaching options.

03. At home service: Strips

At home tooth whitening products are available from dentists or over the counter (OTC). OTC products can be used for milder cases of tooth staining. For plastic whitening strips, the strips contain a thin layer of peroxide gel and are shaped to fit the buccal/labial surface of teeth. The strips are typically applied twice daily for 30 minutes for 14 days.

04. At home service: Rinses

Whitening rinses work by reaction of the oxygen sources such as hydrogen peroxide within the rinse and the chromogens on or within the tooth. It is recommended to use twice a day, rinsing for one minute. to see an improvement in shade color, it can take up to three months.

05. At home service: Toothpaste

Whitening toothpastes are different to regular toothpastes in that they contain higher amounts of abrasives and detergents to be more effective at removing tougher stains. Some whitening toothpastes contain low concentrations of carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide which help lighten tooth color. With continuity of use over time, tooth color can lighten by one or two shades.

06. At home service: Tray-based

Tray-based teeth whitening is achieved by wearing a fitted tray containing carbamide peroxide bleaching gel over night or for two to four hours a day. If manufacturer’s instructions are followed, tooth whitening can occur within three days and lighten teeth by one or two shades. This type of tooth whitening is available over-the-counter and professionally from an oral health professional.

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